Building an orphanage in Pretoria

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Building an orphanage in Pretoria.

  • The project is on its way for a drop-in care centre and day care centre including a farm, keeping chickens, pigs and growing vegetables.
  • We are now levelling off the land and our first building in Onderstepooort is ready for construction.


Marilyne and her husband Mario on the new location of the orphanage in Onderstepoort,Pretoria.


Marilyne and the Founder Bertin Nzuzzi discussing about the plan and structure of the orphanage, in Onderstepoort, Pretoria.


BERTIN NZUZI – FOUNDER & Chairperson directing the TLB work.


TLB levelling off the land.


TLB preparing the emplacement off the new sewer facilities.