About Us

Our Humble beginnings

We are currently supporting at the moment about 20 Homes and Orphanages across South Africa and some parts of the world.

We will make public some names shortly…


The Messengers Project Group was founded by Bertin Kuetezang in 2002.  The vision was later joined by Rose Kubyana, Jemimah Mbaya and other members. With limited resources, we still assisted the needy in the community.  Our passion increase as the demand for our services did.. In 2008 we decided to be full time servants of the people and the Lord.


Mr.  Bertin Nzuzi Kuetezang  - Founder and Chairperson

Mrs.  Rose N. Kubyana   – Co-Founder and Field Manager

Jemimah Mbaya - Int'le Coordinator & Fundraiser.

Ruth Matlhodi Langa   - Deputy Chairperson

Miss. S. Martha Mashia  - Public Relations

Mr. Zakhele. - Public Relations and Advisor

Mss. Christine Bahonda  -Treasurer

Mr. Fidelis Okasor  – Skills Development

Our Mission

To provide hope, love, support and encouragement to those in emotional, physical and spiritual instability.       

Our Vision

To better the lives of the needy of our community...

To one day experience a world lacking in suffering and pain, that resonates compassion between all Creation.

Our Slogan

" Caring for the needy in their distress..."

Our Beliefs

We believe that:

• Our faith in the mission and vision of our project is total and moves mountains.

• Every being should have an opportunity to bring their desires into fruition.

• In the world in which we live, created by God and lit by the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ, there is abundant kindness waiting to partner with us.

• A person is a spiritual being first and foremost and needs spiritual as well as physical nourishment.

• A person in pain and suffering is an opportunity to serve God.

• Deep down, every human being is full of compassion that yearns to serve humanity and all Creation.

​Our Statement of Faith

Our Faith is our Power.